Win Trip to PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in Korea

I am Waiting for Me In Korea!

We are recruiting special cheering members for PyeongChang 2018!

Win Trip to to PyeongChang Korea 2018 Olympics



Some members will be visiting beautiful attractions in Korea while cheering for PyeongChang 2018.2018 lucky winners will be made into 3D figurines that look exactly like themselves.

Some of the figurines will travel to attractive spots in Korea and wait for the winners  at the Sang Sang Stadium (meaning ‘Imagination Stadium’ in Korean).Visit Korea during the months of PyeongChang 2018 (2018/2/1~2018/3/31) and meet your “other self” waiting for you!Participate in the event and become a special cheering member!

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  1. Rayane says:

    I want to visit korea and I am so exited to attend pyeongchang Olympic

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